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Elegant Tilix Terminal theme with bright colors
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Snazzy theme for Tilix Terminal

Elegant Tilix Terminal theme with bright colors


  • You need to install Tilix to use this theme. Other terminal wont work...
  • Right-click snazzy.json, choose Save Link As… and move it to...
  • ~/.config/tilix/schemes/
  • Or just run this...
  • wget -qO $HOME"/.config/tilix/schemes/snazzy.json"
  • And finally apply via Tilix
  • Preferences > Default > Color > Color scheme


    To get the exact same look as in the screenshot, you need to use the Pure prompt, Dank Mono font, and the zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin to have commands highlighted.


  • hyper-snazzy - Hyper version
  • iterm2-snazzy - iTerm2 version
  • terminal-snazzy - Terminal version
  • konsole-snazzy - Konsole version
  • vscode-snazzy - VS Code version
  • emacs-snazzy - Emacs version
  • termite-snazzy - Termite version
  • deepin-snazzy - Linux Deepin terminal version
  • vim-snazzy - Vim version
  • base16-snazzy - Base16 version
  • kitty-snazzy - Kitty version
  • gnome-terminal-snazzy - Gnome terminal version
  • License

    MIT © Pablo Henrique

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